A healthy body and mind that can appreciate nuances of aesthetics in nature and diverse human activity in the sinequa non for becoming human being.  To facilitate this, the school’s calendar contains a host of co-curricular activities that cover a very wide spectrum. Performing and visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, sports, meditation and yoga, excursions etc. practiced as a part of the routine.


Yoga for our students shows the way of love, peace, wisdom and the union of mind and body.


The music room is equipped with quality string, table, harmonium, synthesizer and other instruments, allowing children to tap into their musical talent.

This department activity encourages the students to mature their talents and provide them with the experience of playing with the large ensemble. The school also encourages these young talents to participate in competitions to prove their ability in this field. Indian classical and western music is taught to the students. The paradigm of the instrumental and vocal is a marvelous at the school.


Students are trained for classical, folk and western dance. They participate vehemently in various competitions and achieve crowning glories for the institution.


It is our firm belief that every child is gifted with creativity, though in varying degrees. To harness such creative traits and tap the talent at an early age, EINSTEIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has a dedicated classrooms for all art and craft activities.

These rooms are beautifully decorated with drawings, paintings, artifact prepared by the students. Students are motivated to express their artistic abilities. Far reaching training is inclined to the students in different sections of fine arts like clay modeling, fancy art, fabric and oil painting, origami etc.