Chairperson's Message


At Einstein International School, we believe that when it comes to education, if it's not 360 it's not complete. It is vital to nourish the multiple intelligences of each child so that they can lead a personally rewarding, socially engaged and professionally successful life.

We endeavour to enable our children to attain the greatest possible harmony, internal and external, spiritual and material, for the fullest possible development of human potentialities and capacities.

We aim to equip our students to move, adapt and acclimatise with changing times and become true global citizens.

We, at Einstein International School, have aspiration to set new benchmarks in and around Shahabad, and in India. We will ensure to go an extra mile to build a School par excellence.

 We thank you for your interest and invite you to come, see our school and talk to the core team about our vision for the school.

Devinder Singhal